Light Therapy for S.A.D

Regular use of a Lightbox, particularly in the morning will produce the best results. Depending on how long and at what distance the Lightbox is used, you will notice its effect within one to two weeks. You don't even have to interrupt your normal activities when you are taking your 'light bath'; you can just eat your breakfast, keep on reading, writing, watching television or working on the computer. All you have to do is look at the light occasionally.

When used at work a Lightbox can help improves vitality!

Recent studies conducted in companies show that Light baths considerably improve the vitality and quality of life of office employees.

Companies can use a Lightbox to improve the efficiency and well being of their personnel. To keep up your energy level, you need a certain minimum amount of light. The average daily dose is at least 2,500 lux for 2 hours. The light in your home or office usually just isn't strong enough to have a positive effect on your energy level.

For example on a summer day outside light is approx. 1000,000 lux whilst on a dreary autumn day outside light is only 10,500 lux and inside light at home or at work is only a mere 300 - 500 lux.

How light affects us

Bright light sets the pace of our biological clock, which regulates our hormone productions, and increases our activity level.

Light enters the eye and is transferred via nuclei in the autonomic nervous system to the pineal gland , causing the melatonic secretion of the gland to decrease. Melatonin is a hormone that triggers sleepiness and is mainly produced when it is dark.

Distance Duration Lux
75cm - 100cm 1/2 hr -1hr per day 10,000 lux

Please note - You may interrupt your light bath and continue it later on the same day; if this suits your schedule better.

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