High Pressure Sodium lamps with the longest lifetime

Aura Sodinette Long Life has a lifetime of 48.000 hours based on a 12h switching cycle and when operated with magnetic ballast and separate ignitor.


aura sodinette long life

Aura Sodinette Long Life gives you the optimal operating costs for your lighting installation. The very high light output and the long lifetime enables you to achieve big savings.


Hours of operation

Failure rate

16 000 h


20 000 h


32 000 h


48 000 h


70 000 h

50% (Average life)

*Switching Cycle (11 h on, 1 h off)
Magnetic Ballast + Starter
Aura HPS Long Life lamps are designed for operation in existing installation infrastructures. A high level super burner inside the glass cover, either tubular transparent or ellipsoid coated, is filled with high class components. By constructing two of these excellent burners as one lamp it is possible to extend the lifetime significantly. They are positioned exactly in the length axis and fixed
in a stable holding system. This holding system provides a robust construction which resists vibrations and leads to improved reliability.
Mercury Content per Burner:
50W - 100W: 11,5 mg
150W - 400W: 25 mg
600W - 1000W: 45 mg

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