halogen lamp with the longest lifetime on the market

Aura TITAN Long Life is an energy-efficient, low-voltage halogen lamp with a strong and stable light reflection for anyone desiring stylish, effective and well-aimed lighting in a hotel, museum, library or the like. Its design and integrated protection against light fading means that it is also suitable for use in department stores, restaurants and shops.

aura titan long life

Aura TITAN Long Life has a lifetime of 15.000 hours – making it the halogen lamp with the longest lifetime on the market. It is available in a number of common outputs and spread angles. Because the highly reflective reflection layer maintains its ability to reflect and does not become a matter during the lamp’s life, Aura TITAN Long Life produces a high light flow throughout its entire lifetime.
Even with the high light flow, Aura Titan is a Long Life product with an extremely long lifetime. The cold-light reflector reflects the visible radiation but allows IR radiation (heat) to go back through the reflection layer. This sends a “cooler” light forward than if a pure aluminium reflector was used. Because of this, the low-volt halogen with cold-light reflector has a larger area of usage. Reflector lamps can be used in areas where heat problems were previously a limiting factor, provided that there is good ventilation in the rear.
• Department Stores
• Restaurants
• Shops
• Hotels
• Museums
• Libraries

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