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Aura Signette is designed to give internally illuminated signs a uniform distribution of light. A 26 mm Long Life fluorescent lamp is contained in a 38 mm diameter outer glass tube. Inside the outer tube are specially designed diffuser layers integrated to give optimised light uniformity both for single- and double-sided signs.


aura signette long life


The construction is comparable with the Aura Thermo lamps. The thermo insulation effects significant high lumen output at low ambient temperatures compared to standard 26 mm fluorescent lamps.
Aura Signette is available with the high-quality tri-phosphor Long Life fluorescent lamp ULTIMATE with excellent colour rendering of Ra 85 (colour /865 Ra 80).
Two basic versions are available:
Signette-D = two layers opposite of each 80°.
• type A = diffuser layers horizontal to the socket pins.
• type B = diffuser layers vertical to the socket pins.
Signette-S = one diffuser layer of 100° horizontal to the socket pins.


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