Lighting in low temperature application areas

Aura Thermo fluorescent lamps are designed specifically for environments where the ambient temperature is low. The unique construction contains a Long Life fluorescent lamp cased in an outer glass tube.

aura thermo long life


The outer glass tube provides a thermal insulation which results in excellent high light output at low temperatures. At - 20° C Thermo lamps produce up to five times more light than standard lamps under the same ambient temperature conditions.
The Long Life fluorescent lamps are based on two special patents. One for our unique cathode shield construction and the other for the inside protection layer.
All Aura Thermo Long Life lamps have high quality tri-phosphor colours with excellent colour rendering of Ra 85.
Available versions are:
• T8 (Ø 26 mm) with an outer glass tube of Ø 38 mm
• T8 (Ø 26 mm) with an outer glass tube of Ø 32 mm
• T5 (Ø 16 mm) with an outer glass tube of Ø 26 mm
The starting characteristics of Thermo lamps are excellent at low temperatures

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