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The Aura Protector lamps are Long Life fluorescent lamps lasting three times longer than standard lamps. The protector function is reached with high quality durable plastic protection film. The plastic film protects critical areas from glass splinters and fluorescent powder in case of lamp breakage.


aura protector long life

The Aura Protector lamps are available with two different protection films:
• FEP - a transparent plastic film without affecting the luminous flux. The plastic film offers an optimal protection in the wide temperature range where the lamps can be used from - 40° C up to + 150° C with a lifetime at least equal to the lamps.
• PET - an upgraded plastic film with the extra advantage of UV radiation absorption of 97 % of UV-A and 99 % of UV-B. The lifetime is 30.000 hours maximum and limited to working temperatures from - 30° C up to + 120° C.
The Aura Protector Long Life fluorescent lamps based on the two patents for unique cathode construction and inside protection layer are available with T8 (26 mm) and T5 (16 mm) diameter. They are in the high colour rendering tri-phosphor range (Ra 85, colour 865 > Ra 80).

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