Aura T5 Miniature is a 16 mm diameter Long Life tri-phosphor fluorescent lamp with extra long service life. It has a lifetime up to four times longer compared to standard Miniature lamps.


aura T5 miniature long life

The T5 Miniature is developed based on our patented cathode shield construction. This design provides a unique fluorescent lamp with an exceptional long service life combined with an improved end-of-life protection against overheating.

T5 Miniature 8 W and 13 W are designed for use in standard luminaries and conditions for T5 Miniature fluorescent lamps.

Operation is possible by magnetic ballast with starter (as specified in IEC/EN 60081) or electronic ballast.

Aura T5 Miniature 8 W is especially developed for use in standard emergency luminaries. The installation has to be according to EN 1838. The lamp is designed and tested to operate on a 24-hour-burning cycle and accommodate all testing requirements of the EN 1838 specification.

• Hall- and staircase lighting
• Task lighting
• Show-cases
• Ships
• Caravans
Emergency lighting for
• car parks
• shopping centers
• airports

Mercury Content: 3,5mg

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