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Aura ULTIMATE Long Life fluorescent lamp is the result of intensive research and continuous development efforts. Aura ULTIMATE is a tri-phosphor lamp with the worlds longest service life and an extremely low lamp failure rate. This unique T8 lamp sets the standard for products with an extended lifetime.

aura ultimate long life


Aura ULTIMATE gives you the lowest possible operating costs for your lighting installation. It enables you to make big savings in areas with high ceilings or difficult access to luminaries, or where a production stop to replace lamps is expensive. Aura ULTIMATE gives you better control of your replacement costs and makes it easier to schedule lamp group replacement.


Switching Cycle

Magnetic Ballast
+ Starter

Electronic Ballast
(Warm Start)

3 h (Service Life)
(2 h 45 min. on, 15 min off)
80 % light available

48.000 h

70.000 h

12 h
(11 h on, 1 h off)
10 % mortality rate

60.000 h

80.000 h

One single start


65.000 h

84.000 h

Aura ULTIMATE is developed based on our patented cathode shield construction. This design provides a unique fluorescent lamp with an exceptional long service life combined with an improved end-of-life protection against overheating.
Wherever a Long Life solution is an advantage, especially in environments with high ceilings, hard to reach luminaires or cost intensive replacement areas.
• Production areas
• Sign lighting
• Tunnel lighting
• Airports
• Public lighting
• Street lighting
Aura Long Life lamps are suitable for dimming without any exception. To ensure the full life time of a fluorescent lamp it is however important to age it for 100h on 100% power. The lamps do not have to burn 100h continuously but can be seasoned in stages as well.
This recommendation applies for all fluorescent lamps; standard or Long Life. If you need more detailed information, kindly contact us.
Mercury Content: 3,5mg

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