Cost efficient lighting for less critical applications

The Aura UNIVERSAL is a tri-phosphor Long Life fluorescent lamp developed to give you cost efficient lighting for less critical applications.
In some areas, it is not that difficult to effect a lamp replacement. Aiming to offer a lighting solution that is cost-effective even in these environments, we have developed Aura UNIVERSAL. It is perfect for application areas where a Long Life solution is recommended, but the actual replacement is not too cost intensive and the luminaries are not too hard to reach.


aura universal long life

Aura UNIVERSAL puts you in control of your costs and makes it easier to schedule lamp group replacement. The combination of Aura UNIVERSAL and group replacement gives you an excellent opportunity to reduce the maintenance costs for your lighting installation.

Switching Cycle

Magnetic Ballast
+ Starter

Electronic Ballast
(Warm Start)

3 h (Service Life)
80% light available
(2 h 45 min. on, 15 min off)

36.000 h

50.000 h

12 h
(11 h on, 1 h off)
10 % mortality rate

43.000 h

60.000 h

One single start


46.000 h

63.000 h



Wherever a Long Life solution is an advantage, replacement costs are not extremely high, and the luminaries are relatively easy to reach.
• Ware houses
• Car parks
• Shops
• Hotels
• Train stations
Aura Long Life lamps are suitable for dimming without any exception. To ensure the full life time of a fluorescent lamp it is however important to age it for 100h on 100% power. The lamps do not have to burn 100h continuously but can be seasoned in stages as well.
This recommendation applies for all fluorescent lamps; standard or Long Life. If you need more detailed information, kindly contact us.
Mercury Content: 3,5mg

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