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Aura T8 Eco Saver Long Life is the first energy saving fluorescent lamp in Long Life version. This means that you save both energy and maintenance, i.e. your energy consumption could be as much as up to 12 percent lower. In addition you can still use your existing luminaires designed for T8 lamps. This makes this unique lamp a suitable solution for customers who want to reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs in a simple way.

aura t8 eco saver long life

Our proven Long Life concept saves you at least 2 out of 3 replacements, as our lamps burn at least 3 times longer than standard products on the market. No other supplier can provide you with a combined energy saving and Long Life solution.
Besides saving money, you are also reducing your CO2-emissions. Therefore, this light source is ideal for environmentally conscious customers who want to reduce the effects of their operation on the environment.
Aura T8 Eco Saver Long Life is suitable for operation in luminaires where a higher temperature level could occur. The data are specified for an ambient temperature of +30 °C. In compact luminaires or when closed by a cover the temperature inside such a luminaire could raise to more than +50 °C. Therefore, the new Aura T8 Eco Saver Long Life provides a perfect solution, especially in applications where a reduction in energy consumption and maintenance costs is essential.
The high quality tri-phosphor fluorescent Aura T8 Eco Saver Long Life is available in colours 830 Warm white and 840 White. The colour rendering remains on the high level of Ra 85.
Operated with a magnetic ballast the lifetime of Aura T8 Eco Saver Long Life is 43,000 hours based on a 12 hours operation cycle as used in professional segments, or known as ”one switch per day”. When operated with an electronic ballast the lifetime extends to 60,000 hours, based on a 12 hours operation.
Application areas:
Indoor applications of:
• General industrial premises
• Public buildings
• Offices
• Schools
• Hospitals
• Shops
Aura Long Life lamps are suitable for dimming without any exception. To ensure the full life time of a fluorescent lamp it is however important to age it for 100h on 100% power. The lamps do not have to burn 100h continuously but can be seasoned in stages as well.
This recommendation applies for all fluorescent lamps; standard or Long Life. If you need more detailed information, kindly contact us.
Mercury Content: 3,5mg

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