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Aura SUPREME High Output is a Long Life fluorescent lamp with a three times longer service life than standard T5 HO lamps. It is the perfect solution when you need the energy saving- and system miniaturisation characteristics of a T5 lamp with the high lumen package of HO in high ceiling applications.

aura supreme high output long life



Switching Cycle

Magnetic Ballast
+ Starter

Electronic Ballast
(Warm Start)

3 h (Service Life)
(2 h 45 min. on, 15 min off)
80 % light available

Operation only possible
with electronic ballast

48.000 h

12 h
(11 h on, 1 h off)
10 % mortality rate

Operation only possible
with electronic ballast

58.000 h


SUPREME HO is a 16 mm diameter high colour rendering triphosphor fluorescent lamp (Ra 85). The luminous flux is optimized at approximately + 35° C which is the running temperature of standard T5 indoor fittings.

SUPREME HO is designed for operation with electronic ballast (warm start) and can be used in all areas where luminaries for T5 HO are installed. It fits excellent in modern compact luminaries and modular luminaries for ceiling systems.
• Warehouses
• Production areas
• Shops and department stores
• Car parks
• Offices
Aura Long Life lamps are suitable for dimming without any exception. To ensure the full life time of a fluorescent lamp it is however important to age it for 100h on 100% power. The lamps do not have to burn 100h continuously but can be seasoned in stages as well.
This recommendation applies for all fluorescent lamps; standard or Long Life. If you need more detailed information, kindly contact us.
Mercury Content: 3,5mg

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