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Aura SUPREME High Efficient is a Long Life fluorescent lamp ideally suited for applications where high-quality, energy-effective lighting is required. Aura SUPREME HE is a 16 mm diameter Long Life tri-phosphor fluorescent lamp with a three times longer service life than standard T5 HE lamps. SUPREME LL HE gives high colour rendering of Ra 85.

aura supereme high efficient


Switching Cycle

Magnetic Ballast
+ Starter

Electronic Ballast
(Warm Start)

3 h (Service Life)
(2 h 45 min. on, 15 min off)
80 % light available

Operation only possible
with electronic ballast

48.000 h

12 h
(11 h on, 1 h off)
10 % mortality rate

Operation only possible
with electronic ballast

58.000 h


SUPREME HE is the perfect solution where you need the energy saving- and system miniaturisation characteristics of a T5 lamp. It offers extremely high efficiency and therefore the maximum economy.
Operation is only possible with electronic ballast (warm start) in luminaries for T5 HE lamps.
• offices
• hotels
• car parks
• signs
• show rooms
Aura Long Life lamps are suitable for dimming without any exception. To ensure the full life time of a fluorescent lamp it is however important to age it for 100h on 100% power. The lamps do not have to burn 100h continuously but can be seasoned in stages as well.
This recommendation applies for all fluorescent lamps; standard or Long Life. If you need more detailed information, kindly contact us.
Mercury Content: 3,5mg

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