About Polarising panels

The Actulite Polarising panel

Polarising panel

The Actulite polarising panel consists of several layers of translucent materials, one of which contains a layer of prisms, which essentially redirects all stray light to the required angle. There is also a pre-tensioned layer of a specially formulated polarising material. This material is of a layered lenticular and elliptical cellular nature. During the passage of light emissions through this cellular layer, the light particles undergo a ‘reflux polarisation’ and all glare, flare, and harmful ultra-violet A and B emissions are eradicated.

In accordance with the theory of Quantum Electro Dynamics, the panels are closely bonded together and all excess air, apart from that between the prism indentations is expelled. Air gaps within such a panel gives the opportunity for unnecessary and uncontrollable angles of refraction of transmitted light within the panel, and can destroy the effectiveness of the polarisation.

Actulite can be supplied as complete units or as panels only for existing luminaires.


Polarising panel

Actulite is patented in over 30 countries - Patent No’s: GB2349165 / EU00303410
The Benefits of Polarised Light:

All of us feel at our best when we are able to be outside on a pleasant spring day. This ‘feel good’ factor is induced by the quality of light that we experience in that situation, and the primary cause of this quality light is the polarisation of the sun’s rays by the earth’s atmosphere.

Actulite produces a quality of light identical to that of natural light. This is achieved from the combined use of our ‘Actulite’ fully patented multi-layer, light polarising panels, high
frequency control gear, and specially manufactured 6000+kelvin full spectrum fluorescent tubes.

‘Actulite’ polarised natural light system increases contrast by around 8%, resulting in an increase in visual perception of around 120%. replacing existing fluorescent lighting, whilst retaining the same ‘seeing’ power.

‘Actulite’ creates an even spread of glare free, shadowless equivalent natural light with the same colour rendition as being outside on a bright, but very slightly overcast day. Actulite polarising panels are always used in conjunction with at least colour 860 fluorescent tubes, and high frequency control gear. This combination ensures that Actulite gives the perfect light most suited to the human eye, without any flickering.

The eye functions most efficiently when the light being received has the same balance as in natural daylight. This balance varies but we can take a known standard of northern daylight in which the human eye mechanism has developed over millions of years.

The eye receives this light with some seven million cones producing what is known as photopic response. Different cones in the eye are preferentially disposed to process different colour ranges, without strain. Hence, one sub-set will process the blue violet
range, one sub-set the yellow green range, and one sub-set the red range. If these natural colours are not all present in their natural ratio, excessive neural activity is caused in trying to correct for this imbalance. Conventional artificial light has a very high yellow content, which for the above reasons gives poor visual acuity, thereby causing eyestrain, visual stress, and headaches.