Do I have S.A.D?

Every Year, in the dark period of autumn, winter and early spring, millions of people start feeling tired and listless. These people may well be affected by the so-called WINTERBLUES, or; as doctors call it, sub-syndronormal SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). The problems are usually caused by a lack of light. Research has shown that 60% of the population recognised at least one of the symptoms. Amazingly, 15% of us have all the symptoms of Winterblues.


Light Therapy for S.A.D

Regular use of a Lightbox, particularly in the morning will produce the best results. Depending on how long and at what distance the Lightbox is used, you will notice its effect within one to two weeks. You don't even have to interrupt your normal activities when you are taking your 'light bath'; you can just eat your breakfast, keep on reading, writing, watching television or working on the computer.  All you have to do is look at the light occasionally.

When used at work a Lightbox can help improves vitality!




Today’s hectic and stressful lifestyle has left many of us with varying levels of sleeplessness. There so many levels and types of sleep disorder that it is not surprising that it is such a widespread problem.
It affects people of all types, all ages (especially teenagers – believe it or not!) and all levels of fitness. Sleep deprivation due to stress, shift work, caring for children or sick family members takes a toll on our wellbeing making it even more difficult for us to cope with the many demands on our time. Broken sleep patterns can become difficult to re-establish, so it is important to use all the available techniques to prevent the odd night of restlessness becoming an upsetting problem.


What is SAD?

SAD is a cyclic, seasonal condition, which means its symptoms appear during a particular season of the year. It is a form of depression or mood disorder with a seasonal pattern. SAD is generally triggered by the lower light levels of the winter season. Winter‘s short days and long nights may induce feelings of depression, lethargy, fatigue, headaches and sleep problems. SAD is much more serious than just feeling the winter blues. If you have experienced the following symptoms over more than one low light season and you are not aware of other contributing factors, you may be suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD:


Overcoming those winter blues

It’s that time of year again, the clocks have gone back and the dreaded dark days and nights have returned. Its time to hibernate and long for the bright clear skies of summer. It’s the season to be bright and jolly, to celebrate and have a good time… right. For many people that should be the case, to relax and enjoy the festive season with their families and friends but that’s not the reality for many people.
We British have always been proud of our stiff upper lip and weather all manors of trials and tribulations. The problem though is that we go through trials and tribulations that are not necessary and can be overcome when we take a step back from the forest and actually see the trees.


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