What is the Light Colour Temperature(°K)?


• This is the colour of the light as perceived by the human eye. It is measured in degrees Kelvin (°K)

• The colour temperature is derived from heating a block of carbon to the specified temperature and observing the colour it glows.

For example:
Temperature of around 2,500°K gives a Red/Orange colour. This is like Sunrise and sunset has a very warm feeling.
Temperature of around 10,000°K gives a Blue colour. This is like a Blue Sky has a very cool feeling.

• In between the above extremes is the White Light we want to achieve (at around 6,000 to 6,500K). This is the colour temperature rating of our Daylight Compact Fluorescent Bulbs & Tubes.

• The general terms used for artificial light colours are:
Warm White (3,000K)
Cool White (4,100K)
Daylight (6,500K) – This is what our bulbs & tubes are